How to Write a Board Meeting Schedule

An agenda for a board meeting is a written document that lists the topics that a board should be focussing on. The board meeting agenda should include the date and time of the meeting as well as the location. It should also include a short description for each topic to aid attendees in planning.

Board members are usually busy people who need plenty of notice to plan their schedules. Experts recommend five to 7 days to allow the proper preparation of the board’s materials including agendas and other documents that are required.

The first item on the agenda for board meetings is usually a summary of the progress made since the last meeting, including the key milestones and achievements as also missed targets and other issues that could require further exploration. The executive director is also able to give a review on the business outlook for the moment and highlight both positive and negative trends.

Following the summary, any item that requires a vote will then be put to a vote. These are usually resolutions that need an official board vote and could be implemented as new policy.

The next items on the board meeting schedule will likely to be a review of the previous minutes and any actions discussed at the last meeting. It is crucial to ensure that all action items are recorded and followed through on, so these are described in detail.

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